Behavioral Modification

Bariatric surgery is not a cure-all for obesity. In fact, bariatric patients need to go through a lot of work to transform their lives after weight loss surgery. Weight-loss surgery isn’t a fool-proof guarantee that the weight will stay off. 

Weight-loss patients undergo huge behavioral modifications after surgery including a new diet, exercise routine, and understanding how minor behaviors can determine how much food we consume. These minor behaviors include eating your protein first during mealtime, taking smaller bites and chewing thoroughly. These minor tweaks help bariatric patients eat less because they take the time to be mindful during each meal. 

Medical practitioners at WellStar will help educate patients on how behavioral modification will transform their weight loss game. The goal is that our medical staff will offer our patients a comprehensive health care experience down to the minor details, that we know truly make a difference. 

Learn more about how chewing your food completely and eating slower can improve your weight loss results by consulting with our highly-qualified medical staff today. 

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