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Wellstar Team

Weight loss journeys require a lot of patience and empathy. Our highly-skilled team is equipped to help you celebrate your weight loss victories, but also help you cope with the lows of not quite meeting your goals. Setbacks and victories are common after bariatric surgery, which is why it’s essential that a highly-trained and accommodating medical staff assists in your journey. 

Wellstar Team

The best way to describe our medical team is enthusiastic, caring and your biggest supporters. Our facility is like a family and truly wants you to succeed. Our goal is to provide any help we can provide while you implement these healthier lifestyle changes. 

Wellstar Team

Our team approaches chronic obesity as a medical issue rather than a cognizant lifestyle choice. By changing the narrative surrounding obesity, our team hopes to help our patients achieve better results. Obesity is a medical condition that requires behavior modifications, psychological changes, in addition to better eating and exercise habits.  

If weight loss has not worked in the past, try a different approach with WellStar. Collaborate with the WellStar team to accomplish all your health goals. 

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